Mapping Discourse Structure
The Thick Disks of Spiral Galaxies
‘You do exercises, you have certain kinds of awarenesses that you don’t have if you read books. So the films and some of the pieces that I did after that for videotapes were specifically about doing exercises in balance. I thought of them as dance-problems without being a dancer, being interested in the kinds of tension that arise when you try to balance and can’t.’ Bruce Nauman quoted in Willoughby Sharp, ‘Bruce Nauman’, in ‘Avalanche 2’ (1971)
Nauman’s ‘Dance or Exercise on the Perimeter of a Square’ (1967-1968) Photo: courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
While all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.
Mariana Lanari
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mapping discourse structure
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Model for Analogical Dictionary
What's wrong with Nagele
moving at minimally uncertain, inconstant momentum in free space
Reading Finnegans Wake
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Writing Reading and Thinking
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Camels Sit Carefully
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Mariana Lanari, São Paulo, Brazil, currently living in Amsterdam.
For years working as an editor, I became over conscious of the symbolic use of words and their political implications. Zooming in and out, from a historical perspective to personal relations. Speech, language and dynamics of cultural translations are central to me, as well as the relationships that may arise between the language of chess, astrology, computers, greek and the languages I’m familiar with, portuguese, spanish, german, and english.
I'm currently working on a Model of an Analogical Dictionary based on Finnegans Wake, an intelligent system that will allow people to organize a personal dictionary based on categories that reflect their own views and background.
I research writing, reading and thinking as performance. I host a reading group of Finnegans Wake at RongWrong gallery, in Amsterdam. In the past I have edited art, fashion and artists books and exhibitions catalogues. I also curated and produced exhibitions in Brazil, Spain, Italy and Germany.
exchanging possessions for free actions
Moving Thinking - Until 29 of February at Stedelijk Museum Library