‘Oh Lou, I’ll be your mirror’, Nico told Lou Reed while walking off stage in 1965. He wrote her a song. The command by the self, commanded by the other. ‘I’ll be your mirror, reflect what you are, in case you don’t know’ she sang. Her words and utterance within his understanding and composition. A reflection of both selves within the other.
I never mention your name when I talk about you Christophe. Maybe because it isn’t about you. Possibly it is to you. Or to myself, through you. Through who I think you are, or at least to who I might be. I never asked you to be my mirror. You never told me either. Still a story so familiar, I’ll try to relate and respond to what you are. A mutual reflection echoes and affects through direction and reconstruction. Will change eventually.

Does the actual truth centre, the point where two people can genuinely connect, even exist on paper?
We exist in the same play, in an equalized participation.
in modest but essential collaboration